When Jordan first saw her there wasn’t anything to it. She had seen her type several times before. The “shy at first, but not so shy later” kind of girl. The, “I don’t want to be friends with anyone but I could make an exception for you,” kind of girl. Deceptive, yet bare. Jordan knew that she wanted to be best friends, the moment she saw her. An instant crush. The thing about wanting to meet and know a stranger is a very weird feeling for everyone.

You think about the way you’d walk up to them. You think about what you’ll say and how they’ll react. You imagine that the conversation goes smoothly or maybe it doesn’t. Your brain tricks you into assuming that no matter what the outcome is, you have nothing to worry about because ‘you’ll move on.’ Jordan’s brain was already laying down the tricks.

Jordan scheduled to visit her crush’s office area on Friday. It was a half day at work so her timing had to be strategic. She got up from her desk filled with unfiled documents, briskly walking away so that the guilty conscience of leaving for the weekend with so much undone work would not hunt her down. She walked towards her crush’s unit, smiling at everyone’s desk she passed, still feeling guilty at her lack of seriousness.

Whatever the outcome, Jordan was determined to meet this new girl, —the shy but may turn out to be not so shy girl. Eventually, she did. It did not turn out like all the things her mind and head had planned for the past three weeks. She walked over to her- naïve and with a mouth full of stutter.

“My name is Jordan, Jordan Ezennia, but you can call me Jay. What’s yours?”

She looked straight into Jordan’s eyes and smiled coyly, “my name is Jasper, Jasper Abayomi. And I like to be called Jasper.”

That latter phrase rang in Jordan’s head. Her mind running its own soliloquy. “She vehemently told me what to call her and did not leave room for nicknames,” Jordan thought to herself. “No room for friendliness and frivolous conversations. How then would we talk, gist, or communicate? How then can I tell her that I am in love with her?”

Photo by Jacob Prose from Pexels